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Would you like to resume updating this podcast

You may feel silly while doing it, but trust me — it’ll be worth it once you land that interview (and maybe a job offer! Oh and, if you can, get a career counselor to review your resume.If you’ve never visited your career counselor before, I’d encourage you to do it!

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It’s nothing personal (even though it kind of is) – this is just a consequence of the numbers. Its recruiters get about 3 million resumes a year – which breaks down to over 8,000 a day. But it’s not all bad news, because there are a lot of prevalent mistakes that people make on their resumes.And in those rare cases where expert analysts are stumped, who can they turn to for guidance? According to a study done by The Ladders, that’s how much time a recruiter or hiring manager is going to give your resume. That’s sad and discouraging to hear, especially if you’ve just spent hours and hours painstakingly crafting every word and tweaking margins and font sizes to achieve god-like resume status.It’s boring to you, and it’s boring to hiring managers. They’re boring, they’re typical, and they’re stagnant.People who do hiring go through stacks upon stacks of boring, normal-looking resumes. Once you hand your resume to someone, you can’t change it. It can look like whatever you want – you have almost unlimited creative freedom with it.Now, assuming you have a personal website, you really need to have the URL listed at the top of your resume.

Here’s how: By doing this, you give the person holding your resume a way to stay updated and view the most current professional picture of you.

Instead, print out your resume, get a red pen and mark it up.

If you can find a quiet study area where you can read each line , even better.

Brian’s training, entitled In the past decade, “threat intelligence” has become one of the hottest commodities in the infosec market for companies to either purchase or create.

As a threat-intel analyst, one must be a jack-of-all-trades, not overspecializing in any one thing.

They’ll likely give you all kinds of trite little details you’re supposed to remember and follow to the letter: resume.