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Who is toccara jones dating

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He even quoted -“The artist uses more clay to mold his work, while the bodybuilder changes his body by pumping iron”.After showing amazing transformation on his body shape, the hottie appeared shirtless.

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In 2011 he became the member of the band “Earth For Now.” He has published his songs, "Avoid" and "Say What You Mean" under the name "Ithaca in i Tunes. His hobbies include playing soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, skiing, snowboarding and kayaking.The hot Australian actor and musician, Craig Horner, who was born on 24 January 1983. He is best known as an actor for movies such as Legend of Seeker (2008), Cybergirl (2001), Swimming Upstream (2003) and Sees No Evil (2006). The movie is an inspirational story of Australian swimmer Tony Fingleton. Moving on to his personal life, in 2012 December it was stated he was not dating anyone. The 34 years old super-sexy actor Horner was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The film was directed by Gregory Dark and written by Dan Madigan. His outstanding performance was seen in his movie Legend of Seeker. Craig Horner is a popular celebrity whose net worth is $3 million (approx.).Her runway shows include Hot 97’s Third Annual Full Frontal Hip hop Fashion Show, Luxe & Romance Fall 2005, BET Presents: Rip The Runway 2, Elle Girl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005 and Alice & Olivia Fall 2006.She was also selected to be part of the 2007 Rocawear “I Will Not Lose” campaign representing the Rocawear plus-size line for full-figured females.All along the way till today, she has remained much focused on her work. It all started from July 1994 when she moved to Cardiff Weather Centre.

Then from 1995, she appeared as a forecaster on BBC Television and Radio in Wales.

The talented actor Horner attended St Peters Lutheran College in Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Australia. The movie was directed by Russell Mulcahy and written by Anthony Fingleton (autobiography), Diane Fingleton (autobiography). Moving on, his next remarkable role was seen in See No Evil (This summer evil gets raw). The actor who has made his first appearance in Cybergirl (2001) is trying to keep his personal life secret.

Moving on to his acting, in 2001 his movie Cybergirl was released. It is really sad, but there is no any information about his affair and girlfriend. However being his admirer we wish he finds his soul mate soon. But it is quiet weird his pictures are seen in many gay sites.

The super-sexy Horner is blessed with great height. Due to his strict diet plan and hard work out he has a solid body shape.

He surprised all his fans with washboard type of 6-pack abs.

Toccara Jones was a contestant during Cycle 3 of ANTM.