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Who is singer keri hilson dating

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The couple supposedly started dating in 2000 and two years after they got engaged and married.

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She quickly rose to fame once she started pursuing her solo career and managed to get a record out once she was backed up by Timbaland.Additionally, the majority of his life is a mystery and only the ties which are related to Keri are the ones which link him to fandom.His prior work is not known nor are his current affairs.It appears that their relationship is going for quite some time now so there is a possibility that a divorce between Samuel Soba and Keri Hilson might be finalized soon. The mysterious past of Soba is going to remain like this for now.Samuel Soba is an attractive person and has a good looking physique.Before that, she has mainly been working as a songwriter and has been responsible for a lot of major songs which other people sang as she has been working with Clutch, Billboard.

Keri is currently one of the more aspiring and talented singers in the market and is aspiring to become even greater.

There have been no official sightings of a divorce but as Keri is publicly seen with another guy it might come soon.

It is reported that Keri is having an affair with Serge Ibaka, a Congolese-Spanish basketball player currently playing in the NBA. There are no more information about his birth town nor information about his parents and any siblings.

Although you might not have heard about Samuel before or you have not probably seen him related to anything else than being the mysterious husband of Keri Hilson, you are right to think so.

Samuel Soba is a real mystery to many and is generally regarded as not being popular at all.

This is probably the reason why he has been attracted by Keri Hilson and why he managed to mingle in the music circles.