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Who is chandra wilson dating

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It stands for having dreams, for being consistent, for a consistent pursuit.

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A male director might not have thought to let us see how Bailey was taking the room in, how she's focusing in on the flowers and wine."'Vajayjay' in the table read was a time stopper, because we laughed for I don't know how long.This was one of those times where we hadn't gotten the script ahead of time, so there hadn't been any time to comment on it.Whether that was something she was going to get to or not was something we played with so many times over the years.The drama around getting chief resident was sort of a precursor, and then here we are, season 12, able to watch her achieve this. It's a marker for the show to see Bailey actually get this thing that was established for her as a far-off 'maybe someday' goal.But I'm coming in fresh from New York, not knowing anybody, and my first introduction is as 'the Nazi.' So I showed up on set, and it was maybe the middle scene of the day.

The kids had already been working together — I don't even know if we shook hands before the first rehearsal!

[ "The first episode I directed, 'Give Peace a Chance' [season 6, episode 7], was my 'all Derek Shepherd, all the time' episode.

It was kind of a departure episode for the series, and Derek did the voiceover, and I felt good about that because it gave me some liberties as a director. But it turned out really well, so when [this episode], 'Push,' came along, and Bailey had her big date, there was this moment of, 'Wow, I get to direct myself on a date, and what's that going to be about?

She thinks she's that woman, regardless of the fact that we know better now, we've seen her at her best and her worst and her most vulnerable. There was in my mind, standing there in that moment, that I would still be playing that same character 11 years later. "This really is the culmination of Bailey's journey.

I don't even know if I was considered a regular yet! In the back of her head, she always could see herself as chief.

I appreciated being able to show that part of Bailey.".