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Virgo man dating libra woman

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All my family and friends don't like him but I feel like I can't help how I feel.The girl he was with before me was a Aries and that's my complete opposite so I think he's used to doing things in relationships very different from how I am.

I am a Virgo with some Libra involved so I am very passionate with lots of compassion.... While in another situation Im talking to this other Libra female, but she never wants to do anything. just give her sum space, if she feeling you you'll know. they can be a little inconsiderate at times , but since I my Libra my rebound rate is good .I bounce back quick. but this is my 1st time being involved with a Virgo and I LOVE it! he shows that he cares so I don't need him to tell me. Anyways, I'm glad to see that there are lots of Virgo men in Virgo men/Libra women relationships that have as much positive things to share as negative.I am a Libra, and I think Virgo’s do not work for me at all, they are very jealous people well can be and the guy I was seeing.....was very clingy and possessive which I didn't like, they are great friends to be with but not lovers.... I prefer a man who can do the job properly like a Leo! I like hanging around Virgo's but I prefer to stay friends with them..... I'm afraid Librans but Virgo's not work for me at all.(Libra woman) The times ive dated a Virgo guy I have gotten played by them.I was mad but I tried not to show it I just walked away. From what ive experienced with Virgos they keep things to themselves. I am not here to fill in for Virgo opinion, Virgo males are dicks! Ok all humor aside, to the celibate Libra woman..are correct, no matter who or what sign it is, if you have that connection you can do Anything!They also paint you a nice image of themselves and make themselves sound like they are reliable when they are not. And NEVER let anyone change your perception on that concept/feeling.he can act like my best friend but also my lover things I have about Virgo men though is that they are so honest well too honest , there's nothing else we barely argue and when we do its over dumb stuff like after 5 mins we make up .

we get along a lot he's funny and he's weird too and I like it , cause the boys he hangs around are so different from him , but I really like him and hopefully I will fall in love with him Welp, it's sad to say the cards read true.

But I wanted to know do Virgo men usually come back ? Its hard because he's put me through sooo much over these past couple of months ...

so I don't wanna feel like I went through all that [for him] to have him just lie to me and use me .... I've been dating a Virgo man for over a month now , And im a Libra (sept 28 )but new him for 2 years and went out with him back then , and are relationship is so silly , we have fun , we talk all the time .

I asked him was he ever in love and he told me he no. I just want to know if I'm waiting my time in waiting for him and to regain his trust.

Its funny because when it comes to everyone else's love life I have perfect advice but not for my own.

I have been with my Libra girlfriend for 1 year and I've learned that you just have to listen to her, let her make her decisions and support her choice. I've taken psychology to better understand ourselves. Libra woman here (September 30 soo im a full blown Libra Lol) uhm. about your "situation" with the 1st Libra you should definitely break it off sooner rather than later. It's hard to understand and feel totally comfortable with someone when you're completely vulnerable to them.