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Updating facia

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At the eves they can be welded across the rafter tails.The facia frame is the structural heart of the Philippine roof cornice system. It shows the scalloped prefabricated steel facia, the prefab gutter attached to the facia and the red oxide primed purlins supporting the unpainted galvanized roofing.

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On the spot, we decided to increase the roof height to 3.0 meters This what’s possible when you’re running your own crew, but such decisions, if they’re not carefully thought out, can have ramifications you’ve not yet imagined.This is usually done by a crew working for the company which sells the roofing.“Long span” means that the roofing sheets are long enough to reach from eave to peak without joints.Once the hardener is mixed into the primer, it very difficult to clean brushes.There are cheaper epoxy primers, but we’re impressed with the Boysen.It’s best to use one of the two part epoxy primers, especially if you’re anywhere near the sea.

We used Boysen Red Oxide Epoxy Primer which we bought from Iloilo City Hardware on Iznart Street in Iloilo City. You get two cans per gallon, the primer and a smaller can of hardener.

On simple buildings like this one, pop rivets hold things together.

Once the purlins, facia and soffit frames, facia board and gutters are in place, the long span roofing can be screwed to the purlins using self-tapping tek screws.

What we describe here is the roof system that goes on most houses except the very high end such as real clay tile or cement tile, a few asphalt shingle roofs and the Nipa or sheet steel roofs of the ordinary “bahay” – native house. See THIS POST We have drawn some conclusions from Typhoon Yolanda damage in Tacloban, including ways that our roof could be made more typhoon resistant. Steel trusses of various designs rise from the topmost concrete roof beam.

The trusses are welded to stubs of rebar protruding through and well anchored in the concrete roof beam. See comments below) The trusses are almost always welded-up on-site and then primed.

The installation of the facia frame, facia board and gutter allow the tweaks and adjustments so that the final roof installation can proceed smoothly.