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Updating a firmware

updating a firmware-3

To remove an access point from the list, use the M588 command.You will need to do a simultaneous installation of Duet Wi Fi Firmware-1.18.2and Duet Wi Fi Server-1.03

You do not need to roll back the Windows USB driver, because the newer driver versions are compatible with older firmware versions too.This is to ensure that the firmware is consistent across all batteries, aircraft and controllers to prevent any operation issues.Please don’t forget to visit our help page for more guides on common Mavic Pro issues.You can send further M587 commands if you like to specify additional access points that the Duet can connect to.It will connect to access point from which it receives the strongest signal.Do not turn the camera off, remove or disconnect the power source, or operate camera controls during the update.

If the update is not completed successfully and the camera becomes inoperable, take the camera to a Nikon-authorized service representative for inspection.

This means that the updates to the main firmware and the wifi firmware need to be synchronised, and the Duet Web Control files are read from the SD card instead of being uploaded to the Wi Fi module.

Also the network SSID and password are sent to the Wi Fi module using gcodes.

DJI often release firmware updates for their products to fix bugs, improve functions and add features. The process to upgrade the firmware on your Mavic is made really easy thanks to the DJI Go App.

Then, to update the Mavic Pro controller, unplug the aircraft from your mobile device and plug your mobile device into the controller. Finally, please insert any other Mavic batteries you intend to use with your Mavic Pro and repeat the process for each battery.

The Duet Wi Fi file should be the same size as shown on the github (currently about 300 KB in size).