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If there is a mastectomy scar across where your nipple would be, or if you’ve had nipple reconstruction, you should wait until a minimum of 20 weeks (5 months) post-surgery.

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What’s the difference between inks used in the doctor’s office and tattoo shops?The risk of puncturing an implant is extremely low, but it is technically possible (Vinnie has only turned away a handful of women in his many years of nipple tattooing).If your surgeon was very aggressive and removed all fat under the skin, and the skin is extremely tight over the implant without muscle or much dermal matrix product over the implant, the skin can be very thin in parts.Fiona the hippo, unbothered Queen of 2017, is celebrating her first birthday Wednesday and tributes are pouring in.Since her birth last year, she's inspired ice cream flavors, new beers, T-shirts and everything in between and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the zoo.Tattoo artists pull the skin tight in order to deposit the pigment under the skin correctly; trying to tattoo a reconstructed nipple is like trying to pop a half-deflated balloon — the needle has a harder time penetrating the surface.

On a reconstructed nipple, less pigment makes it into the skin, so the color won’t be as dark.

It’s easy to tattoo over an existing tattoo that’s too light — going darker is always easier than going lighter.

If your existing tattoo is too dark, it is very occasionally possible to lighten it, but it depends on the skill of the tattoo artist and will take multiple sessions.

Tattoo ink pigments are heavy metal-based and the particles are larger and much more concentrated.

Are you concerned about possibly needing an MRI in the future?

Women report feeling anything from pressure and vibrations to more sharp, acute (“typical” tattoo) pain.