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Sugar daddy dating reviews

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Every review comments on the site refusing to cancel memberships before the first month has been charged, so I declined to activate a Sugar Baby profile at this time.

Moving on there’s the ubiquitous account upgrade page for a monthly subscription.Most of the good reviews came from happy Sugar Daddies who found a great mutually beneficial match.Many of these happy rich Sugar Daddies seemed genuinely confused by all the other bad ratings because they had such a good experience finding an attractive Sugar Baby.Signing up for a Sugar Baby profile with Sugar Daddy for Me was a bit of a long process.This surprised me since most sugar dating sites elect to have a quick sign up to get people started.Many other reviews of the site claim that there are many ghost profiles, fake profiles, and scammers.

Including repeat scammers who target young Sugar Babies by promising to put money on a prepaid card that the Sugar Baby has to purchase or claiming to be in a Siberian military and requesting the Sugar Baby send $500 to another guy in the U. to set up an account to receive money from the so called Sugar Daddy.

It seems clear that the site does work, but that there’s a lot of work to sort through the bad to find the good, at least on the part of the ambitious Sugar Baby.

My review of the mutually beneficial dating site Sugar Daddy for Me is a midline 3 stars.

While I did not activate a Sugar Baby profile, with enough digging around, a determined Sugar Baby can still do a search for profiles.

Many of the potential Sugar Daddies seemed very attractive and very upfront about what they are looking for in a Sugar Baby.

While most sugar dating sites have some kind of upgrade for accounts, Sugar Daddy for Me has more than one type, plus another odd add-on for a price that I’ll get to in a moment.