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How shall I ever be able to see Thee dead of pain on this cross for love of me, and not love Thee to the uttermost of my power? Well do I recognize in these Thy wounds, and in Thy lacerated body, as it were through so many lattices, the tender affection which Thou does retain for me.

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Saint Alphonsus will start scanning the palms of individuals interested in participating in this voluntary registration process on November 1. 2017 Well-Being Incentive – New Program Staring Now!Period 1: October 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017: Complete the following steps to maintain a lower health premium.Step 1: Complete your online Redbrick Health Assessment at patterns are highly unique to every individual.The scan uses harmless near-infrared light, like the light used in television remote controls.Workday is easy to use on all kinds of devices, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or work computer.

You'll be able to get to Workday 24/7 from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Saint Alphonsus is pleased to announce that it is advancing its commitment to improved patient experiences with a new high-tech approach to registering patients.

What love from a creature will ever be able to recompense the love of his Creator, Who died to gain his love? Had the vilest one of mankind suffered for me what Jesus Christ has suffered, could I ever refrain from loving him?

Were I to see any man torn to pieces with scourges and fastened to a cross in order to save my life, could I ever bear it in mind without feeling a tender emotion of love?

And were there to be brought to me the portrait of him, as he lay dead upon the cross, could I behold it with an eye of indifference, when I considered: “This man is dead, tortured thus, for love of me.

Had he not loved me, he would not so have died.”Ah, my Redeemer, O love of my soul! How shall I ever be able to think that my sins have reduced Thee so low, and not always bewail the wrongs that I have done to Thy goodness?

Consider that He is the Beloved Son of the Eternal Father; and consider that He is dead for the love that He has borne thee. Listen to the words He addresses to thee from that cross: “Look, my son, and see whether there be any one in the world who has loved thee more than I have.”No, my God, there is none that has loved me more than Thou.