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Sirius s50 firmware updating

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takes great pride in getting a unique American product recognized World-Wide.This is the Case we make for the Sirius S50 Player using tough, waterproof Neoprene.

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Each speaker consists of three separate drivers for excellent sound reproduction.If users are experiencing audio problems with content recorded previous to the update, a system restore should clear the issues.Be advised that the System Restore removes all recorded content.The simplified user interface has a brilliant color screen, contextual media dial, and voice prompts for safe driving.Sirius S50 is a personalized satellite radio experience both on air and off.When attached to a home dock, vehicle dock, or executive docking station, the Sirius S50 provides easy access to live broadcasts and saved content, and captures and stores both scheduled and unscheduled SIRIUS programming.

This feature allows you to listen to the unique programming provided by SIRIUS which you have saved, in locations where you would ordinarily be unable to receive adequate satellite reception.

The Media Dial in the center panel lets you control all the S50's functions, surf through live SIRIUS programming, and pull up the MP3s you've loaded for playback.

The S50-EX1 even offers the Love Button, so you can save your favorite songs whenever you hear them played on SIRIUS.

The sleek, black design complements your decr nicely, while a host of features makes it easy to use your S50.

The S50 satellite radio sits in the system's dock, nestled between the stereo speakers.

The latest in Satellite Radio technology combines live reception within the home, car, or office with a portable player which boasts a full color screen and over 50 hours of content storage.