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He wouldn't miss this for, well, just about anything. Rotisserie baseball, viewers are told, is the fountainhead.

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"And that was in 1974." "My first pick was John Elway," says Bennet Chung, a GOPPPL player since 1983. It was a "Ask Walt Danielson about his first pick," Heeb says. Morten Andersen." Lund takes Peterson with the first pick. Ours is the world fantasy sports made -- a world where a sitcom revolving around fantasy, "The League", is now on its fifth season.

"When I started in the league, most of the guys playing were getting up in age," Heeb says. He calls out his first-round prize: Houston running back Arian Foster, who ran for 15 touchdowns the previous season. "Thirty years of this, and I still made that mistake." Mistakes are the essence of fantasy sports. Or Don't get me wrong, the idea behind the film was hardly in error. Actual NFL players play fantasy football -- which is only a bit more meta than an Xbox One plugged into itself -- and Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew hosts his own weekly fantasy football show on satellite radio.

"You're taking [Oakland quarterback] Terrelle Pryor first, right? No, to get to the real revolution, you have to go to Oakland, circa 1962, and care about a third-rate team in a second-class league.