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It’s therefore no surprise he’s been listed on Fortune’s 400 wealthiest Americans.

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He’s also been described as a very hard-nosed man with a personality of steel, and is known to drive hard bargains.I lead a pretty normal life style, I don't really want to sale myself...August 18, 2006 | Dead Malls, Kansas | Posted by Prange Way Located in Overland Park, one of the largest suburbs of Kansas City, Metcalf South Shopping Center opened in 1967 to immediate fanfare.Would just like to congratulate you for putting the smile back on my face!Have met heaps of new people, some that i can hook up with which is even better.Dont like the niteclub scene so this is perfect for me!!!! : DThe replies i've had on ff are genuine and pretty cool (couldn't ask for more if i walked up to someone in a pub or at a party).

ff's also only site i know of where the administrator is contactable.

It’s all very interesting, and I think he’d be a great person to talk to about retailing because of so much first-hand experience, and a still presence – it’s too bad he refuses interviews. Dreiseszun’s plans for Metcalf South – he divulges none.

He says there are a few things he’d like to do with the mall but remains tight-lipped as to what they’d be.

Over time, Metcalf South has fallen flat on its face and despite being open for business it is definitely a dead mall.

The two anchors, Sears and The Jones Store, remain at the mall, and The Jones Store is expected to go through with the Macy’s conversion in September 2006.

A bit more about the mall’s owner, Kansas City developer Sherman Dreiseszun.