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Sens gal dating

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Today women are discovering that this independence could be undermining their chances at finding love. Here are 6 tips to help you on the journey with the hopes that you will strike the right balance.

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Women were considered a husband's helpmate, a sidekick and a person who couldn't get a line of credit.This tip is going to be a doozy to get over and will take some time, but you're a super independent gal and can master it.Firstly, this struggle is no fault of your own because you've been single for awhile.But give her a shove and show your man that you care. There is nothing wrong with being laser-focused to reach goals in life, but there is always a price to pay in your relationships when things are out of balance.There is nothing wrong with a little romance, right? If that describes you, there is hope as anyone can soften their stance, learn to communicate more efficiently and can show their man affection.If not, people will make assumptions that are inaccurate and this can lead to hurt feelings and arguments. Again, it's okay to show emotion and to show that you care.

Be affectionate, playful, flirtatious and complimentary. Text him during the day, but not excessive and support his career and goals.

You might not be this way, but your body communication could be saying something different.

Look, we all want time to be alone to refuel and you had a productive life before dating, but when you're in a relationship, you need to invest in the other person.

Independent people are used to moving at their own pace, schedule and are accustomed to being alone, so they fill up their time with all sorts of things to do.

Be intentional about spending time with each other as opposed to spending too much time alone.

By making affection more prevalent, you're planting seeds into the relationship for the future.