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The scammer will tell you they bought the tickets but cannot use them due to a family emergency.

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This "lure" scenario has happened many times over the years, and as always Craigslist advises you to meet in a safe, secure location, go with a friend (or two), and if in doubt, back out.This will make it easy for you to get her to bed that night - simply because agreeing to a date is more "involved" than just surrendering her phone number. Keep her on her toes and make her guess what your real intentions are. This is a super effective technique which enables you to build intense emotional connections with a woman by making her go through an "emotional rollercoaster".The more you do this, the more you will become irresistible to her. When pulled off properly, it makes a female feel addicted to you - both emotionally and physically. The best thing about fractionation is that it works very fast - often in the span of 15 minutes (or even less).It's bad enough that scalpers use Craigslist, buying tickets for $50 and when the concert is sold out, selling them to you for $200. These scams won't just leave you paying a steep markup, but also without the tickets you thought you were buying.Sophisticated scammers have found ways to replicate tickets to major events that look and feel legit. But these tickets are worthless, and when you buy them, you'll lose out twice.You then are told to fill out a background check (which gives ID thieves a ton of personal info) and wire them money for one month's rent and deposit. However, if you think "well, I'd never send money to someone I'd never met" you should also know there is a variant of the scam that involves people actually showing homes to you and collecting the money there and then.

They'll even give you a set of keys (not that they'll work) and a signed agreement.

It's just not worth the risk to buy tickets off Craigslist.

You see an ad on Craigslist for something like a car, boat, expensive electronics, that kind of thing.

Craigslist scammers will place an ad for something like a car, high-end electronics, or anoter product of significant value.

You'll arrange to meet the seller (with a nice wad of cash in your pocket), and that's when you'll be jumped and the money taken from you.

Another common scam is that your prospective buyer will send you a check (regular check, money order, or a cashier's check) that is for much more than the agreed price.