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But in many games, you’re required or strongly encouraged to use Play Station Move controllers to interact with the virtual environments, which is a much more natural way of reaching out and touching things.Sony's use of the existing Play Station Move controller that’s been around since 2010 has the benefit of there already being a bunch of them out there (though they’re likely pretty dusty) and their buttons and triggers are well suited for the tasks of representing hands that grasp objects or guns.

So, combined with the fact that it hooks up to a $299.99 Play Station 4 instead of a gaming PC that would cost you $700 or more, the Play Station VR is by far the cheapest option for good-quality VR with motion control.In-game text is very readable (though it must be larger than on other headsets to be legible).There’s also little or none of the visible radial lens pattern or streaking light effects I observed on the other two headsets.Yet the next session in the same environment would be fine.To be clear, it works well the majority of the time, but when it doesn’t it’s frustrating.Additionally, many of the launch games either require or make use of one or two motion-tracked Play Station Move controllers, which must also be purchased separately for between $20 and $30 each.

Bundles (like the one on which this review is based) are available with the full set for $499.99, which is still a major price advantage.

With the recommended six feet of distance between me and the camera, I find I have to frequently adjust the angle to cover me when switching between a standing experience like Batman: Arkham VR and a sitting one like Super Hyper Cube.

And even in the best-case scenario, it can’t cover your whole body and the floor around you, so if you see something shiny on or near the ground you can’t reach down to pick it up.

One of the big questions going in was whether the Play Station 4 had enough horsepower to run games at the 90-frames-per-second rate that VR demands in order to minimize nausea.

So far it has kept up admirably, with no significant frame rate dips in any of the games I’ve tried.

It’s fantastic that Sony’s Play Station VR headset will allow many more people to have these groundbreaking experiences by lowering the financial barrier to entry, with only a few compromises.