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Printable dating questionnaire

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As the years have passed that information you once soaked in has likely become dated. A Few of My Favorite Things condensed cards, as well as a lengthened version, will get you up to date and no longer second guessing.On top of that, to take you back to the days of asking anything and soaking up all of their answers, we created pages of Ask Me Anything questions!

Whether for gift giving, relaxing, or just good-to-know general knowledge, this sheet will be a great way to get to know your spouse again.We have created two sheets full of prompts to get you thinking.Use this activity to open up to each other, and reconnect.These questions will be easy to answer, if a little time consuming.There are seven dots, each end is the complete opposite answer to the question and the middle dot is the neutral answer. For example, the first question is “How well does warm generally describe you?The bright, beautiful colors of these printables make them all the more fun to fill out with your sweetie.

Carisa, from Messes to Memories is who we have to thank for that!

Now that you completed your condensed questionnaires, it’s time for the more in-depth version.

Either print two copies or fill out one together, each using a different colored pen.

Hang it on your fridge or keep it in a safe spot to refer back to!

Now that you’ve gone through the basics, dive a little deeper, asking your spouse anything.

In order to start using e Harmony, you’ll have to put in a little time and effort to answer the mandatory profile questionnaire.