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Online dating for stds

Another big concern after being diagnosed is telling your partner.If you’re in a monogamous relationship, the most important thing is being transparent and preparing for your partner’s possible response.

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It was incredibly hard to go through that.” The best way to cope with an outcome like Lauren’s is to emotionally prepare yourself for your partner’s anger and judgment—even if it’s unfair and unwarranted.Our dating blogger Ryan is trying online dating -- although he's found it a little tricky.Well, for all those online daters out there, here are two new online dating sites that might surprise you...“I would never wish bad on my friends, but what really helped me cope was that as I talked about it more with them, I learned that some were also living with STDs, too.Opening up about it and learning I wasn’t alone really helped me.” There are also plenty of support groups that cater to people living with STDs, both online and in person, says Balestrieri.First up, Penguin UK has launched an online dating site for book lovers.

You list your favorite books and hope to connect with someone else who shares your literary tastes. Especially since it's soooo nice to read in bed with someone...

“No one wants to talk about it, so the stigma remains, which is why we really to talk about it,” she says. “For example, to a sexual partner, you can say, ‘I was last tested on X date, and I’m negative for X and Y, and positive for Z. ’” Kerry, 31, from Philadelphia, remembers when she was first diagnosed with gonorrhea. “I wasn’t in a monogamous relationship, so I had no idea who may have infected me,” says Kerry.

“To this day, three years later, I’ve never told my parents.” However, she did talk to her closest friends about it and was pleasantly surprised by how they handled it.

Are you prepared for their discomfort, fear, and questions?

If you’re feeling really fragile about the conversation, have supportive people around when preparing for the talk.” Telling your partner also helps prevent you from internalizing all the feelings associated with having an STD.

Another important coping mechanism that helped Kerry was ramping up her self-care.