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Many websites and servers nowadays also require you to include mixed-case letters, number, and special characters in an effort to make your password less guessable. Both these measures can be ignored at will in fiction if it serves the plot. A related trope in fiction is to have the password entry plain and clear—on the screen—for all to see.

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Felt amazing.” – “I was taking the kids to the park and they started fighting.I got to sit inside by the glass door, watching my friends play and eat my cake.All the presents went back to my friends too.” – Valerie “My kids had been invited to spend the night at the family cottage with one of my aunts and some cousins.I don’t want to take away the big moments, like the sleepovers or the the birthday parties, and I don’t want to threaten anything that might ruin my day too.I tend to stick to small livable punishments like “no dessert” or taking away Mazzy’s American Girl Doll for a night, which they seem to be pretty devastated by…” – Allison“I once told my mom, in the midst of a giant fight, that I was going to run away.

She told me that was fine, but if I wanted to leave I had to leave her world exactly the same way I came in…naked.

It seems that most characters in fiction missed the memo on making a good Secret Word or pass phrase.

They are almost invariably single words, names, or dates of significance to a character which can be easily deduced using a little detective work: the clue is often right there on the desk, in the form of a picture or memento.

I warned them that if they didn’t figure out a way to share it, then neither of them would get it.

When my four year-old exclaimed once again that the ball was HIS and he would NOT be sharing it, I pulled the car over, walked back to his door, peeled the ball out of his hand and threw it as hard as I could into a nearby yard.

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