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Mariage france chine dating

Some people, however, usually seniors, with no experience in self-reliance, or at being financially self-supporting, worry about the harm a broken home may do to their children.

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To many people, income, housework and procreation are no longer top priorities; more important is having a loving, loyal and understanding spouse.Supporting elders has become a grave social problem.Elderly people are supported by society in the West, and traditionally by their children in the East.They often have their own bank accounts, and husbands do not necessarily hand over their salaries to their wives.Some couples have their respective property notarized before marrying.Tangible disparity exists between standards of life in China's rural and urban areas, and in their levels of gender equality.

This adds complexity to China's overall marital and familial situation.

This mode of life is gradually being accepted by China's urban youth.

Sex education is now scientific and commonplace, and so inhibits the youth from curiosity-driven sex.

The right to enjoy sex and love is exercised, and the sense of self-determination dominates.

More are convinced that it is pointless to remain in a loveless marriage, and feel tolerant or even sympathetic towards those who find extramarital love.

This century tens of thousands of only children will reach adulthood, and are expected to face particular problems when they marry and have children of their own.