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Ghanaian dating traditions

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I am sure you are familiar with the Guardian Newspaper in Nigeria.

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All men are hard to please if there is a lack of understanding. but truth be told, most nigerian men get involved with American women because they want citizenship.He explained to me how well some people live in Nigeria. Boring no, Loving yes, Intelligent yes, very intelligent they are. I rarely go out to restaurants except on occasion, and maintain a waterleaf, pumpkin and bitterleaf and okra garden in my backyard.I would have to get accustomed to NEPA and the "Go Slow" traffic *LOL* I heard that "Go SLow" is something else. I told those women to get involved with the culture, learn about their husband's tribes and the country. exactly,if you do that, other than the usual quarrels couples have, u will do just fine. I am a traditionalist to the core Of course, there are the bad ones amongst us, but which culture or race doesn't have bad men or women? Usually, my comment are with pidgin English, But U just too special so I go break that curse Ride on Sister , our niaja men could be boring but also the white men could also be We are just living in a boring world (But na true with waiting them talk with my brother them wey dey Yankee ohh!!I submmit to you that no body would want to stay in a relationship where the other spouse ( foreign women) is physically and mentally abusive towards this men because of thier areas of vulnerability.A so called wife that sleeps around like a dog, calls her husband's relatives deterogatory names, destructive and manipulative.if someone comes to this country, they better be strict and hold on to their roots otherwise this country(USA) will swallow them. peacemy2cents, no am not married to an Ibibio, but I had one as a boyfriend a while back.

I Have to be honest, after being married to Black American men and dating them I felt I deserved more.

i know where i was raised divorce is an abomination.

but i guess now it is accomodated in the United states has a way of influencing individuals.

So, I made the decision to never have another relationship unless it was with an AFRICAN MAN. Yes, this acata lady been hanging around Naija people for 5 years now.

Well, the only African men I met were Nigerians and I think they are awesome men. I have many Nigerian friends and they too are awesome.my2cents, How bodi? I am very familiar with Akwa Ibom State - Uyo in particular. I can cook Egusi, akara, and I love that fufu and dodo.

this also results in many cases of divorce within the nigerian community in americap.s: Nalijah, what your friends said about Nigerian men, being demanding, boring and hard to please are so true.