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So fast forward a year after this, and all the sudden I am not feeling well, weak, cannot ride a bike, huge bruises black, and I am swelling up when I eat.

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So even tho everyday was quite painful, and I still had no pain doctor, these doctors did their best to provide me a script to last a a few months hoping that it would take no longer than this to find a pain doctor.I was with this horrifying pain for a year because my GP, who I’ve been with 20 years, can no longer prescribe any pain relief meds, although he used to for arthritis.Then someone complained and he feared so everyone was off to see a pain doctor.Pamela Wible MD, Thank you for allowing the patients here to feel it’s okay to speak, be human, and to feel that what they say will be heard, and validated, even if we don’t have all the solutions to what has become a huge epidemic gap, the loss of honest Dr./Patient Relationship where Communication is not always safe, words must be chosen carefully because so many of us are not, “Drug Addicts”, but are in serious Chronic Pain, and at the mercy of a failing system.A Governing agency, who has openly admitted this week it accepts bribes to be entertained by Colombian Sex Workers, who are paid by the Cartels, or so it is said, that the agenda was to deface the Woman who did nothing to reprimand these agents, therefore she was fired.I never knew what that was but it only happened once.

Anyways the strange bruises and weakness started to improve.

Another part of that controversy is the allegation that she was not in agreement with our President of US to legalize Marijuana.

That’s another issue, but I believe there are deeper politics involved that are pretending to look the other way as (last week) a 7 year old child with Chronic Pancreatitis, was denied treatment 4 times from his local ER, and later died the same day.

Him and his team saved her life, and she went on to speak about new gun laws.

Within less than a month, I had been officially diagnosed with CP confined mostly to the head of pancreas.

Thier pain specialist was overwhelmed and said he could only write up a plan that my GP would need to prescribe, but that was not an option, so they kept searching until we found a pain clinic.