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Believe it or not, we’ve never met a company who was pursuing every tax credit opportunity.

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We present our reviews of the leading erotic nude and porn sites.If you want to catch a fish, you have to go where the fish are.And for online kinky dating, has been a solid choice for Carmen Caliente may be a fan of the exquisite torments of an expensive flogger expertly wielded against the tender flesh of her lower thighs as seen in the first photograph below, but it almost seems to me that she’s enjoying the much simpler (and cheaper!You remember that infamous story from Judges, where the Levite overnighting in Gibeah had some lustful Benjamites howling outside for the plundering of his ass, so he threw his concubine outside instead, where she was “abused” all night?As illustrated in The caption says “This’ll larn ya to elope after I buys a new shotgun jest for the wedding!Maximizing tax credits is not rocket science, but a small amount of planning up front will allow you to continuously reap the dividends in the future.

Once tax credits become embedded in your company culture and business practices, companies find that it’s not work, it’s what they do. Are you taking advantage of all of the above tax credits?

There even used to be a site on the review list that was strictly for finding kinky play partners who were also filthy rich, but that site’s defunct now. Sadly, what’s not to be found on the list is a site that focuses purely on the spanking kink.

Longtime readers will remember that my Bethie had an explosive “success” years ago with a free site that offered spanking-only dating classifieds.

So far as I know, there remains no such thing as a spanking-specific dating site (paid or free) anywhere on the internet.

However, that means that the best alternative for lonely spankos is to dip into the biggest deepest pool of kinky daters available, which has for a very long time been the members at

We’d love to help you on your journey to find more for your business!