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Ellen barkin dating ralph fiennes

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The bartender kept the drinks flowing at their table and the gents were very kind to a few fans who approached for photos.

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Good looking party of four—Ellen's date was HOT (and really young for her). Saw Claire Danes with random female friend waiting for a table at Blue Ribbon Sushi on Sullivan St. Arriving outside the theater for Martin Short's Fame Becomes Me Tuesday night, I paused at the curb and said to my friend, "It smells like grilled meat." Her response: "It must be Ben Stiller, he's right next to you."Sat about 15 feet away from Yoko Ono at Sean Lennon's concert tonight at the Bowery Ballroom. Wearing tons of makeup, fake eyelashes and a big white puffy coat.Julia Stiles - 20th and Broadway @ PM: Wearing a bright pink wool coat, listening to her ipod. I was walking by Ninth and 14th Street and saw Mark Wahlberg in a tuxedo looking very hot! I was sitting in the lounge at Per Se and in walks Tom Brokaw. Brittany Murphy spotted looking very slim and shady in black coat, tall heels and sunglasses outside of the Daily News Building this morning. Spotted, Saturday the 16th at pm: Helena Christensen and Michael Stipe enjoying the perfect late lunch/early dinner - fries and a salad.YET ANOTHER LOVE: ELLEN BARKIN Controversy: Fiennes stirred controversy in February 2007 when staff aboard a Qantas airline flight from Australia to India caught the actor leaving the same aeroplane lavatory as 38-year-old flight attendant Lisa Robertson.At first denying any allegations of a mid-air tryst, Robertson later confessed to having unprotected sex in the stall with Fiennes, whom she had met just hours before. THESE LITTLE "QUANTUM BLOGS" ARE COLLECTIONS OF YOUTUBE.For his sake, I hope Ralph is drunk and the lights are dim. I would probably piss my pants thinking I woke up in Jurassic Park and a baby raptor was about to eat my heart out of my chest!

In this edition of the stalk: Judith Regan and Rush Limbaugh, Bono and Sean Penn, Tinsley Mortimer at Krispy Kreme, Julia Stiles, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brokaw, Brittany Murphy, Helena Christensen and Michael Stipe, Ralph Fiennes, Helen Mirren, Taylor Hackford, Lizzie Grubman, Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Swank, Paulina Porizkova, Barbara Bush, Hope Davis, Kool Keith, Rachel Dratch, Jackson Pollis, Ellen Barkin and Ralph Fiennes (again), Andy Samberg, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Claire Danes, John Waters, Tony Bennett, Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley, Stephen Baldwin, Ben Stiller, Yoko Ono, and, breaking our steadfast reality show contestant ban, a delicious Project Runway sighting.

I guess Ralph Fiennes was tired of just standing around with Tilda Swinton during the photocall for A Quantas stewardess may find her ass in an unemployment line after getting frisky with Ralph Fine ASS during her shift.

The 38-year-old was suspended after co-workers saw her leave the bathroom seconds after Ralph during a long flight from Australia to India.

" and I said, "No, not particularly." Bono responded, "Come on, then, have a photo with us," and he made an awkward-looking-but-obviously-huge-fan take a picture of the three of us. Not that I think she is a celebrity, but I saw Tinsley Mortimier at Krispy Kreme on 3rd avenue between 84th and 85th on Friday night at .

I made no effort to mask my annoyance, which made Bono even chattier. She was sitting down at a table with her husband and a friend, looking through the Sun and the friend exclaimed "look, that's you" and pointed to a picture in the paper.

Unfortunately, Page Six is reporting that they've been partaking in public displays of affection for a couple of weeks.