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Elijah wood dating now

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He is known by his extremely blue eyes and small height.

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There wasn’t this sort of anxiety or tension between the fans and the people bringing their films there.Some of that is aligned with my own autonomy and growth as a human being. It carried on for years after that to middling-to-poor results. Year after year, he was like, “Dude, you have to go to this festival, it’s the greatest festival in the world.” So I just kept hearing about it.I was 16 when I did “The Faculty.” So I would say the last five or six years of my life feel like a galvanization of my own identity, the things I’m interested in. Then it was fraught with not-great examples of the genre, with the occasional good film. My first experience at Fantastic Fest was that they’d occasionally screen some of the best of the festival afterward. I don’t think I realized that first year the impact it was going to have on my life.I really approach what I do as an actor from a filmmaking standpoint.It’s not roles that draw me in; it’s filmmakers — unique perspectives and unique approaches from people whose films I love.A lot of the people know each other, from producers to filmmakers to writers on down. The first time that came into my head was around the time someone told me that I was good at deejaying. You don’t take anything seriously until somebody legitimizes you. I certainly have that awareness of perception, but it’s completely diminished in that world.

There’s this sense of friends wanting to work with friends. It was just one of those things where someone — a guy named Chris Holmes, a deejay who’s got a little collective in L. — said, “Actually, you do that well.” That made me go, “Oh fuck, maybe I should take it more seriously.” So you’re doing all kinds of different things. I don’t feel like it has any cache or that it separates me in a way that’s uncomfortable.

Elijah Wood got used to acting from the first years of his life.

Having noticed his big blue eyes and sweet manners, his mother took her baby son to an agent and soon small Elijah appeared in his first ads.

You see that with Adam Wingard and Simon Barret’s films as well [the team behind “You’re Next” and “The Guest”]. That’s the atmosphere for the creative energy coming out of these festivals. But there’s a line in “Cooties” where Rainn Wilson calls your character — a weak-willed writer — “a hobbit.” How much of that self-awareness do you carry with you? When the first “Lord of the Rings” movies took off as a cultural phenomenon, it must have impacted your expectations for yourself. After “Rings,” I had two feelings: One, I immediately didn’t want to work on anything on a large scale.

READ MORE: Elijah Wood on Acting as a Sadistic ‘Maniac,’ His Love of Horror and Finally Playing Characters His Own Age Does this feel like a rare situation for you? You recently voiced the video game “Broken Age.” Well, that was such a dream for me because I grew up playing Tim Schafer’s games, like “Day of the Tentacle,” “Curse of Monkey Island,” “Grim Fandango,” “Full Throttle.” I think I just have so many interests. They’d already earned like $4 million, but I was like, “Fuck it, I just want to support it” because I just love those games. I retweeted something about it and he sent me a direct message about it. I wanted to work on something really small after I was finished filming the first three. That line in particular I didn’t want in the movie. I thought, “It’s a weird wink operating on a meta level outside the context of the film.” But they were like, “It gets a laugh!

It’s also the second one, after 2013’s “Open Windows,” that he’s co-produced through his production company Spectrevision, the genre-friendly effort he runs with filmmakers Daniel Noah and Josh C. At the Stanley, Wood spoke to Indiewire about the root of his ongoing involvement in genre films, and how he’s managed to work around expectations since his “Lord of the Rings” days.