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Dealing with my ex wife dating

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When his ex-wife told his daughters that his present wife , Sue, was horrible and mean, Dave asked them if they had ever known Sue to be anything but nice to them, they had to admit that she hadn't.He didn't tell them the ex-wife was lying to them, but eventually they were old enough to figure it out.4. A 9-1-1 call from a woman saying that her ex-husband is hitting her/kidnapping the kids/abusing the kids/whatever forces the police to respond--they do not have the choice.

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Plan something special, get your in-laws involved and whisk your wife away for an afternoon, an evening or a weekend without the children.? Although it is in a drawer, I don't understand why he insists on keeping it." There could be several reasons, among them a keepsake for his kids, a reminder of his friends and family at that point in his life, or it may even bring back fond memories. "How can I tell my ex mother in-law to stay out of my business? If she is just being meddlesome, simply tell her that you are a grown woman (or man) and that you appreciate her concern but you are perfectly capable of making decisions without her input or advice.You can mention it to your husband without sounding like you're angry or jealous by saying, "When I see the attention that Jolie gets from your mom, I feel a little sad.I hope we can develop a similar relationship over time." You can say the same thing to his mother. "Every time I walk into a room I find my family talking to my husband about my past life with my ex.Find other dads going through the same thing, get an attorney who can help protect your rights--including helping you file a restraining order if necessary, find a counselor who handles divorce, be honest with your extended family about what you are going through and create a support system for yourself.While it might feel good to do, don't make it an "I hate my ex wife club." It isn't worth it, it takes a lot of energy to hate someone, and it gives your ex-wife power over you. Do not rely on your ex to pass accurate information to you.

Know what is happening in your child's life directly.7. No matter what happened in your marriage--good, bad, or otherwise--leave it in the past.

If the divorce was more than one or two years ago and the ex-wife is still bitter and hostile, the odds are good that things are never going to get better.

Our friend Mark has been dealing with this for 13 years, and Dave at least 12 and the hostility from the ex has never abated.

Her ex also doesn't step up and do their share and it sucks up all her time." Schedule a date or stay up later, do whatever it takes to work on your marriage, but understand that your wife is also a mother, and young children are not self-sufficient.

It's important to respect a wife that gives up some of her time to ensure her kids needs are met.

(NOTE: This is not a generalization about ex-wives!