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Dating on line for dummies

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You can wait for others to respond to your date, browse other people's date ideas or see what's trending.

Download: Free at Best for: The shy dater with single friends The lowdown: Grouper is ideal for those looking for a fun night out with a guaranteed good ratio of guys to girls, guys to guys or girls to girls, depending on personal preferences.Here's what you need to know before you put yourself out there.Best for: The dater who's looking for fun The lowdown: Tinder users' intentions vary from scoring hook-ups to wanting to casually meet new people to searching for real relationships, but let's be honest here.She stayed in and ordered dinner via Seamless while checking out guys on Tinder. He had a Grouper date set up before he ever left his apartment. But before you panic and adopt another cat, hear us out.While we also wish people were still meeting organically, there's a reason so many are turning to dating apps.They're quick, easy to use and, since you (hopefully) have an idea of what you're getting yourself into before you agree to anything, they're virtually pain-free.

Maybe this newfangled dating culture is for you, and maybe it's not, but you'll never know for sure until you try.

While you do so, try out the "Sniffer" function, and browse for local owners and dogs that you would both like to meet (like Tinder, you'll swipe right for those you're into.) Keep in mind, not everyone on here is looking for a date. Download: Free to download, fee to post a listing is $1 or 15% of what you choose to pay for your listed service, at Best for: Males looking for males The lowdown: There are exceptions, as always, but anyone who signs up for Grindr should know that it is dominated by those looking for quick hook-ups in their area.

Newer versions provide more profile space for telling other Grindr users about yourself, but the truth is, most just want to know where you are (and the app will pinpoint that) and if you're down to, well, get down.

If you haven't dated in a while and find yourself thrust into the single life, especially in New York City, we're not going to sugar coat it-- you're in for a rude awakening, whatever your age and circumstances.

Yes, you might get lucky and meet your soulmate while walking your dog in the park, having a drink with pals or dodging bed bugs on the N train.

Download: Free to download, newcomer's special is $12 per month, at Best for: Dog lovers The lowdown: If "Must Love Dogs" was your favorite movie and you spend most of your free time involved in one-way conversations with your BFF on four legs, Doggy Bn B might just change your life (or, at least get you to enjoy human contact again.) Not a true dating app, Doggy Bn B is primarily meant to find dog sitters in your area.