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As Tomb Worlds need perpetual maintenance to maintain their countless systems functioning at peak efficiency, it is not unknown for a slighted Cryptek to bring the maintenance cycle to a screaming halt should his supposed "betters" require a reminder of the power he and his kind wield.Even the proudest Necron Overlord will muster an apology when his soldiers and weapons seize up on the eve of battle.

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Chronomancers are known as Harbingers of Eternity, as knowledge of the future flows through their every act.They are masters of dimensional dissonance, singularity manipulation, atomic transmutation, elemental transmogrification and countless other reason-defying technologies.In many ways, a Cryptek's powers mirror those employed by the pyskers of other intelligent races, but instead of using their innate psychic abilities by channeling Warp energies, the Cryptek employs arcane science to harness the universe's fundamental forces.This can prove politically dangerous for the Overlord, as this essentially elevates the Cryptek to the same rank as the Necron Lords already serving within his dynasty, and so inevitably fosters resentment amongst his regal subordinates.Nonetheless, having the Cryptek's wealth of knowledge and expertise close at hand is normally viewed as more than adequate compensation for the political risk.Ultimately, the only thing that holds the ambitions of a Cryptek in check is another of his kind.

Should a retained Cryptek rise too far above his station, a Necron Overlord will attempt to replace him by luring a different, and more tractable, Cryptek away from the service of a rival.

If their abilities are employed properly, the enemy's morale will be quickly shattered within moments of the battle's start.

Plasmancers are not subtle beings, for they choose to wield raw energy rather than go to the trouble of binding it into other forms.

Only now they stalk from the shadows once more, released from exile by anti-Chaos protocols put in place against a breach from the Immaterium of cosmic scale, a breach like the birth of the Great Rift.

Though many a Necron Overlord seeks the blackstone that will hold back the flood of Chaos in this new era, the Technomandrites are already several steps ahead -- if their plans reach fruition, their mastery of science will give them the keys to ultimate triumph.

All Crypteks possess a level of genius that makes the finest minds of humanity appear drooling simpletons by comparison.