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Dating k9 girls

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I had looked after Bull a few times before so Rodger asked if I would do it again and I was glad to (it can get very lonely when you’re not allowed to have a roommate.

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My father’s only two rules about staying there was that I stayed alone and no boys but a girlfriend sleeping over now and then was OK.Just as I drank the last of my coffee, I saw a really hot guy talking on his mobile, only wearing a towel.I couldn’t help but stare, I have a thing for muscular men.I put my hand down my pants and masturbated while I imagined it was me with him.Eventually he came in her mouth and I orgasmed a few moments later.I watched him for 5 minutes or so and got to see his well-sculpted butt when he took off his towel and went to his room.

Quite pleased with what I saw, I went to bed and ended up masturbating after thinking about him for a while.

To cut a very long story short, this became a regular thing and I started longing for a guy of my own to fuck.

I began to consider the guys at NYU, but after a few failed attempts, I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find anyone I would fuck.

My father is a very wealthy man, there was nothing in life that I ever needed that I didn’t get.

He made sure I did not come to expect an easy ride though, he had very high expectations and wanted me to make it on my own.

Later that night we got to see him fuck her brains out which made both Tanya and I extremely hot.