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Dating in german

Top Names of saints: Lukas, Matthias, Matthaeus, Paulus, Ruprecht and Nikolaus, which became family names.After days of the week: Montag, Freitag, Sonntag; or Month: May.

You can talk to your woman from the comfort of your home and office.(1000 ad) A name identified a specific person and later a group of persons (family name); at first through verbal usage, it was later fixed through writing.All social classes and demographic strata aided in the development of names.Names derived from location of homestead Zumwald - at the forest; Kaltenbach - cold creek; Waldschmidt - smith at/in the woods.Meer - from the sea, ocean; Borg (northern German) or Burg - from or near a fortified castle; Bullwinkel - corner where bulls were kept; Adler (zum Adler) - eagle, may have derived from a house name; Rabe - crow.Some people chose names that were their profession.

There were also people that chose names that had to do with a physical characteristic.

The largest group and the most easily recognizable names are those derived from the vocation or profession of the first bearer.

They tell you what the first bearer did for a living.

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Schleswig-Holstein and Friesland share the North-European tradition of adding -sen or -so(h)n to the father's name: Hansen, Claussen, Petersen, Petersohn, Jacobsohn, T(h)omsen.