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Dating from holand

I have been meeting people off of okcupid, but I am confused as to what is proper dating etiquette here.

If I have sex with someone a few times is it assumed we are together as a couple? Also is it taken as a sign of disinterest if someone wants to wait to get to know the person better before having sex? If i had him pick up the bill it usually meant a second date was a given where i would pick up the tab.I'll stop dating someone if I know they are seeing/dating other people.I don't want to end up feeling hurt, because you'd pick some other guy over me after a few dates.I also frown a little upon girls who date a lot and have everything paid for them by all the guys. M'n huidige vriendinnetje laat mij tijdens dates wel altijd de handeling van het betalen doen ("dat vinden mannen fijn toch? Terwijl ik betaal maakt ze de helft over via d'r telefoon. But I'm also a firm believer that first date means drinks only, no dinner.Sure, go ahead, but don't you dare speak of feminism! Ik zou liegen als ik dat niet een leuke oplossing vond! That's usually cheap enough to not be a problem. Edit: I never specified I meant first date only but that's what I meant :)Oh, ik dacht dat jij de OP was, oeps.If we end up with awkward silences because there's no real connection, it's easier to end a date.

Sitting through a dinner is just bleh without a good conversation partner. When I ask you out for a date, I'll be paying.

Fuck buddies are totally okay too, just (again), as long as it's clear what the deal is.

Don't forget the Dutch are pretty open and blunt, so there is no shame in just asking a date about this stuff, especially since you can do the 'inquisitive foreigner' thing ;)Have fun!

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International student, mid 20s, female mostly dating men but also women.

Als het niks is wil ik weg kunnen : PYeah I prefer drinks too tbh for a first meeting especially if off the internet.