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Dating a franchi shotgun

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In this book, Chief Watson would often talk about the pistol grip Ithaca 37 with duckbill attachment he carried in Vietnam.The Duckbill was designed to spread patterns of number 4 buck horizontally, making it, in Watson’s eyes, ideal for use in the jungle.

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The Si20 grade1 stock incorporates top quality oil with a beautiful nickel finish stainless steel color.An object spokesman […] The entry-level configuration of the Si12 family is anodized with walnut stock and forearm.The black finish receiver create a nice contrast with the chromed bolt.Over & Under production always represent our heritage and our products reach the best results in terms of sales and scores during our history.Producing our fabulous Boss locking system Contrast, model 99 and model 100 we had the know how to evolute our model 03 improving several features.The Affinity's ultra-reliable Inertia Driven system features a bolt assembly with a rotating bolt head that ensures a positive steel-to-steel lock-up.

As soon as you shoulder the Affinity you instantly know it feels right.

The incision is very delicate: an ornate floral skillfully deployed.

The intent is just to convey lightness to those who keep the weapon.

From the time of the earliest patented designs and operating systems for Franchi shotguns, the company has embraced the philosophy of providing new and innovative Franchi firearms to meet emerging needs.

Shotgun Duckbill review: Scattering shot with Paradigm’s GATOR I grew up reading every military book I could get my hands on.

It has been developed over 2 years of tests, drawing and investments.