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Consolidating school distircts

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He’s calling for districts to consider consolidation.

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That price tag is more than half the state’s annual education budget.” Communities interested in consolidation need to go through the following process: The details of this process are further explained at the Illinois State Board of Education’s website.We’ve got a review of consolidations since the 1980s, what to consider when weighing consolidation for your community, and how to get the ball rolling.The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has been tracking school district consolidations as far back as 1983.Specifically, Odin is located in southern Illinois, Milford in east central Illinois, and North Mac in central Illinois.While decreased administrative costs are often pointed to as being one of the benefits of consolidation, they are not a given.While SB3 applies to townships and special districts, some legislators are continuing to explore ways to maximize efficiencies. Tom Cullerton, a Villa Park Democrat, told the BGA, “We are continuing to look at those options and have expanded that scope to include small school districts.

This will be a fluid conversation as we look to get input from many partners throughout the state.” State Rep.

Bruce Fraser, the executive director of the Erie County Association of School Boards. I think they’re very closer a unit of government to the people they represent.

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He said that “usually you consolidate to keep programs” and therefore “don’t have to cut anything.” Humes encouraged district officials and residents to do their homework.

“If a district is going to consolidate,” he said, “they really need to do their homework because while it may benefit some regions; it will not benefit every area of the state.” But, Hastings said, it’s important to, “stay kid-focused in the decision making.” He said people should ask, “Is the consolidation better for the education of the children?

The bulk of the consolidations also occurred in the latter half of the 1980s and early part of the 1990s.