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Antique highback chair dating

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In a small shed attached to the sawmill, Hitchcock tapped into the mill’s power source and began to turn out a small number of unfinished individual chair components.

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The seats and backs are upholstered in a cranberry color fabric with cream specks and a cantilevered chrome tube frame. Gorgeous statement chairs for side accent or dining. Up for your consideration today are six gold gilt bamboo style dining chairs. Curving splayed legs and curved back rail with narrow concave back rest. This set of 6 dining chairs and 2 side chairs mahagony chairs and dark green velours upholstery are typical of Hepplewhite designs... Stylish set of four Danish modern dining chairs constructed from bamboo, rattan, and wicker. Last Call Items are on final markdown and price is firm .And Hitchcock had started labeling his chairs with an identifying stencil. During this phase of production, the first stencils with backward “Ns” appeared, which is not really surprising when the bulk of the work was done by laborers who could not read or write. So if the “Hitchcock” chair you have seen has a stencil that includes the terms “L.Since he employed almost everyone in the town, the town changed its name to “Hitchcocks-ville,” and he used that as part of his signature. While not all chairs from this period had the oddity, many did. HITCHCOCK” and “HITCHCOCKS-VILLE” but also includes the backward “N’s” in “CONN,” it is a reproduction made since 1946. • Special discount prices on great books, digital downloads, price guides & reference books for every hobby • Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles 2013 Price Guide • Meet and share with other antiques collectors, dealers and auctioneers on Antique Trader’s Facebook page • Get special discounts and breaking news alerts on Antique Trader’s Twitter feed!In 1820-21 he acquired an existing wooden, two-story building near the sawmill and began to produce the ubiquitous “Hitchcock” chair.The design was loosely based on the popular Sheraton style of the time but also included some details from Empire chairs and the famous “Baltimore” chairs.While working with Silas Cheney, Hitchcock had been influenced by the work of Eli Terry, the legendary clock maker who, to reach a wider market, designed cheap wooden works to replace expensive brass works for his clocks.

To produce his wooden works in sufficient quantity, Terry devised an assembly line process of cutting and assembling the various parts. This article originally appeared in Antique Trader magazine Learn about subscribing to Antique Trader magazine for just $1 per issue!

Note how the rich wood graining and Mahogany-hued stained finish makes the red a... Please change quantity to "2" if you'd like to purchase both. There is a metal manufacturing tag on one of the chairs that reads " B... Davis Allen Davis Allen joined Skidmore, Owing and Merrill (SOM) in 1950 as a junior architectural designer.

this listing is for ONE Lovely sleek postmodern leather club chair. He had hoped to find a secure job where he could expect to stay at least five years. Set of 6 dining chairs with black steel backs, circa 1964. Vintage 1960s era cast aluminum faux bamboo fretwork style exterior dining chairs. Gorgeous set of 6 painted Louis XV style dining chairs.

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Sometimes the chairs are even signed by Hitchcock with the name of the town in Connecticut on the rear rail.