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A person who is kind to others is rewarded by kindness offered back to them. All of these “rewards” increase the chance that people will continue to choose these positive behaviors. Why is it important to use positive reinforcement in the classroom?

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Though NBC, more than almost any other broadcast network, has tried pushing the boundaries of what audiences expect from the Big Four, it still hesitates.

However, although punishment works for a majority of students, it is ineffective for students with chronic behavioral difficulties.

On the other hand, if we can properly match reinforcements to our students, positive reinforcement is much more effective way of improving the overall behavior of all students in the classroom.

What characteristics does an effective group positive reinforcement include? The trick to effective positive reinforcement is finding what is truly reinforcing to students.

Positive reinforcement is only positive reinforcement if it increases the likelihood that the behavior occurs again.

For example, when people obey traffic laws and don’t get a ticket, they are rewarded by not having to take the driver’s test when their license is due.