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Designed for the work of beginning and ongoing playwrights, the Lab will focus on developing character, dialogue and moving the story forward through plot and structure.Your work will be regularly read to help development, and in the last class, actors will read selections of your play for you to hear, enjoy and learn from. 7 sessions • $315 • 3 hr class time Thu • Jun 7 - Aug 2 (no class Jul 5 & Jul 19) • - pm • Kelly Mc Allister REGISTER NOW Everything we see in the movie theater, on television and streaming online begins with a screenplay.

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Discover the building blocks of acting through improvisation, theatre exercises and character work. Deepen your acting technique through skill-building exercises while learning core elements of text analysis using material by world-class playwrights.Actors, directors and playwrights have been guiding our students in Denver for more than 20 years.Whether you’re just getting your start or are a seasoned veteran of the stage, our selection of daytime, evening and weekend classes and workshops will help you gain confidence in the crafts of acting, auditioning, improv and more.Using group activities and some improvised scene work, students will create a rich, supportive environment for spontaneity, making strong choices and increasing confidence. 6 sessions • $230 • 2 hr class time Thu • Jun 7 - Jul 19 (no class Jul 5) • - pm • Kerstin Caldwell REGISTER NOW Ready to take your acting and improv skills to the next level?Join this advanced class where you will focus on scene work, characters and engaging in the moment.Analyze and activate commercial copy, get tips on to take direction and increase your versatility.

Learn about demos, agents, auditions and the voice over market to get going.

Utilizing scenes from playwrights ranging from Miller, Odets, O’Neill, Williams, Inge and more, this class will draw on the Group Theatre, Uta Hagen, Elia Kazan, Marlon Brando, and many defining members of the genre to create fully realized scenes in this intensive course. 8 sessions • $330 • 3 hr class time Mon • Jun 4 - Jul 30 (no class Jul 2) • - pm • Sam Gregory REGISTER NOW It can be very challenging to pinpoint the perfect pieces to master your next audition.

Take the fear out of audition preparation and pick the parts that show your full range of ability while speaking to who you are as an actor.

Build your background so that you can step onto the stage and own it. 6 sessions • $230 • 2 hr class time Wed • Jun 6 - Jul 18 (no class Jul 4) • - pm • Piper Lindsay Arpan REGISTER NOW Gain the tools to find and create unique and fun character voices in this interactive, high-energy class.

Whether for voice-over, improv, storytelling or just for fun, you will have a blast and come away from this class with the technique to create a vocally specific character. 4 session • $195 • 2.5 hr class time Wed • Jul 11 – Aug 1 • - 9pm • Jennifer Thomas REGISTER NOW Seize the opportunity to start a play or continue to develop a play you’ve been working on.

Develop dynamic stories and characters and watch them come to life on the spot. 6 sessions • $230 • 2 hr class time Thu • Jun 7 - Jul 19 (no class Jul 5) • - pm • Brian Mc Manus REGISTER NOW Do you have a burning desire to work in film and television, but are intimidated by being in front of a camera? Get ready to approach the work when the director calls, “Action!