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Adult arthur chat free in port texas

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In fact, I am out of ideas of what kind of photos to shoot for you.If you are going to suggest some photo shoots, make them realistic and not impossible to do, like nude in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

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E-mail me at [email protected] all are very right when you say that most of my photos are glamour style shots taken at the few resorts I go to but to be honest I am running out of ideas.She invited me to her suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino to do some shooting. And the rumor that I am retiring is just that, a rumor. Also been to Cancun a few months ago and I am going back there tomorrow morning for 10 days of doing nothing but laying out on the beach or by the pool playing pool volleyball, eating and dancing at night.Most of you know that I can eat like a horse and I spare nothing when it is lunchtime and dinner time at the buffet.If you want hardcore photos I really have no problem with that but they have to be with Woody.He is the only one that I will shoot with without a condom other than paying some high priced male model to come out here from LA or New York to shoot a set of photos and maybe one movie scene.I called 911 and when the ambulance got here the medical technicians pronounced him as dead. They did go to their truck and brought up packs of ice and iced down his body and used the heart machine to try and revive him. They took him to the closest emergency room and he was immediately put into a medically induced coma.

Woody was in a coma for three weeks and when he was able to breathe on his own, the doctors brought him out of his coma.

Here is your chance to do a movie scene with me, but you will have to bear your own expenses to come to Las Vegas and pay your own way.

You would also have to be STD tested within 2 weeks of coming here and you have to bring the test results with you. Feb 12th, 2015 Another long wait for a new newsletter.

He took all the tests that his cardiologist wanted and everything turned out fine.

He does not need any type of heart surgery and he is recovering nicely but slowly. I got a message from my webmaster and he told me that my website membership is slowly dropping.

For an update on my most recent activities, I have been playing tennis almost every morning, almost every day.