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Adualt films

Daphne Greengrass was tall for her year, with shoulder length blond hair and a slim, athletic figure.She had a very slight accent to her words, and startling blue eyes.

Hermione could still read him clearly though, even with him turning inwards.Most conversations between them included a smattering of backhanded insults and put downs, her appearance and muggle background being the main ones.He clearly didn't even realise he was doing it, but Hermione could hear them. He walked with his head down, with listless movements.And that was when they didn't degenerate into an argument. well, the rest of their house had learned not to be caught between them. There was more than grief at work here, she realised.She knew that the Headmaster had finally talked to him just after he got back from the Ministry, but not what about.Updates will be slow, as I've still got a lot that I need to do (and oh so little time to do it), but I can start sharing what I have.

This is a Harry/Harem post-Fifth Year fic (though can you call three a Harem?

But, thank's to this site, I've got a rough idea of the main differences between the first four books and films.

Thus'y the setting is mostly the books, with film stuff inserted where it's more suited.

Hermione feel a little guilty about asking their head of house about Animagi, since Sirius had been one too. Hermione only really put up with him because he was friends with Harry too, and even then he hadn't been a good one at times.

However Hermione had justified it: if she focused on something positive Sirius had done, it might help Harry move past his death. She just couldn't understand why he though as he did.

Harry would bottle up everything for eternity if he could. In the Arithmancyclassroom two girls from the same year as Hermione and Harry sat together at one desk, their bags holding the third space on the desk.