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Which means avoiding the humans as you shuttle to and from the Mother Ship in tow-Earth orbit, using maneuvering thrusters for docking.

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There's over five dis- tinct 3D worlds here, tropical islands, enemy fortresses, missile launching tanks, charging speedboats.For the arcade fans, WOLF offers shoot-em-ups and arcade action.The other side can spend their time using brains rather than brawn in resolv- ing the game.Usually a company must sacrifice one group to satisfy the other.With DAVID WOLF: SECRET AGENT, Dynamix manages to not only make everybody happy, but to do it in a slam bang fashion, DAVID WOLF: SECRET AGENT will be available initially for the IBM.AMIGA J; M'K JJ In the first of a new quarterly series, Marshal M Rosenthal reports on the latest games developments from the USA. Great Prizes from top USA software houses in our r~ I » FIENDISH FREDDY POSTER I L % I K? CLUE BOOKS PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS LOOK FOR THE AUTHORISED DEALER WINDOW STICKER is*** IBB t i J** *■ fc" k fk *»J»ft ihh m tm i*t SL^,t& Us£ £*,*? But unlike the typical New Yorker, you've got a good chance to survive as you take on the scummy Foot Clan through a multitude of screens.

TCV : The Arts of Noise I Music Special l 7'4 4 7D |I 7? ** k u-»d hi m «t ww Mtfiin j Jtajdj Nifcl BHTHBi j** «r*#* t^^t. Should you endure the hideously polluted Hudson River, it's off to such exerting places as Wall Street, Greenwich Village and Oh-mo, the South Bronx!

A password function enables you to dive right into the higher sections once you've played them and recorded the secret codes.

A special option allows you to create up to three screens of your own — letting you make large or small "Warehouses" to befuddle your friends (or yourself if you're not care- ful).

Take on the con (rots of a totally fictitious flytrtg saucer.

Your mission: Scour the miserable planet Earth in search of fuel to power a thirsty fleet of Intergalac Uc crafts.

Part maze and part strategy, be prepared for lots of frustration — even with the one- move back up button, BOXXLE has the long-lived addiction factor to insure hours of play, not to mention gulping batteries- BOXXLE: FCM5G East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022 NO ENCOUNTERS OF ANY Kt ND When reality just isn't enough— then It's time to putt back on theantl-taminar transducer and haul grau.