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group, using molecular, morphological, and skin-secretion data, contributing to an understanding of Neotropical faunal diversification.

We read that a crowd is pressing Jesus “to hear the word of God” (Luke 5:1).This question, in my view, brings us face to face with Jesus’s deep compassion and concern for the families of the fishermen.And it is answered by deducing the answer to another question: what do they do with all that fish?By the end of the sermon, Peter has now both heard Jesus’s impressive words and witnessed His powers.As the crowd drifts away, Jesus elevates His request.So Jesus effectively commandeers Peter’s boat by climbing into it and asking that Peter push off a few yards from the bank so that He can address the whole multitude that has congregated on the shore.

Peter, who hosted Jesus in his home on the prior Sabbath and saw His powers as He healed his mother-in-law (–39), readily agrees to the request and pushes his boat into the water.

Even if Peter’s boat is smaller than this contemporary example, the catch of fish will have been substantial if it nearly sinks his craft and his partners’ as well.

The question naturally arises, is the miracle simply an amazing demonstration of Jesus’s enormous powers over the world of nature, or does the catch of fish carry an additional purpose?

The effort to row or sail the two loaded boats four-and-one-half miles (7.24 km) along the shore from Capernaum would have cost a little time and effort, and the expense of the salting service, but not much else.

With this huge catch of fish preserved by salting, the families of the fishermen would have enough food to eat for months on end, as well as enough to bring to the marketplace in Capernaum–either to trade for other foods or to sell for income.

In desperation, Peter yells to James and John, to come and assist.